Lightfoot - photo courtesy of Larry Kirkland
Olympia, Washington
1968 - 1972


Eric Bauer ~ Bass
Chris Bogh ~ Vocals
Frank Butorac ~ Guitar
Larry Kirkland ~ Drums
Terry Lauber ~ Guitar
Barry Torrence ~ Keyboards

Lightfoot - Photo courtesy of Larry Kirkland

Some of the local dance spots where Lightfoot performed were:
Seattle:  Wharehouse, District, Bananas, and others.
Tacoma: Hi-Hat, Baldys, Lews Place, Players, Ranch, Little Jim's Pub...
Olympia: Ali Babas, Captain Coyotes, Evergreen Ballroom....
They also performed some shows with Buffalo Springfield.
In the early 70's Terry and Frank went to a Gabriel out of Tacoma.
Larry and Barry stuck together and created Touloose.

I was a member of the band for one year while performing at The Warehouse and HiHat Nightclubs as well as touring Montana and many other clubs.

Chris Bogh, Lightfoot 1972, January 2006

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Last Update:  21 December 2012
Credits: Larry Kirkland, Eric Bauer, Chris Bogh, Barry Torrence
Band # 617