Lightnin' Slim and The Rangers - Photo Courtesy of Larry Fritts
Paul Statton, Gary Harmon, Larry Fritts, Gene Swift
Lightnin' Slim and The Rangers
Richland, Washington
1968 - 1969


Larry Fritts ~ Lead Guitar
Gary Harmon ~ Drums, Vocals
Paul Stratton ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Gene Swift ~ Bass, Vocals

We had a million jokes about who Lightnin' Slim was and why he couldn't make it to the gig.  Inexplicably, our song list included material by Glen Campbell, the Bee-Gees, the Fifth Dimension, and Frank Zappa.  We played gigs at proms, hotels, and a fashion show, for which we were almost fired for fighting onstage.

Larry Fritts, April 2003

It really was amazing that we got as many gigs as we did because we had this penchant for doing weird songs with improvisational overtones. We mostly refused to play the cliché’ songs of the moment and we hardly ever would do them “ just like the record”. We did lose some gigs because of this but we picked up a faithful following, albeit small, that grew slightly as we went on to other bands.

Gene Swift, April 2005

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Credits:  Larry Fritts, Gene Swift
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