Lightyears - 1984 - Photo courtesy of Den Coile
Lightyears - 1984
Everett, Washington
1980 - 1985


Paul Buchignana ~ Drums, Vocals
Dana Cairns ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Dennis Coile ~ Bass, Vocals
Ken Hoidal ~ Drums
Robert Hornack ~ Keyboards
Jay Laush ~ Bass, Vocals
Lonnie Mueller ~ Lead Guitar
Butch Swearingen ~ Guitar, Vocals
David Thorp ~ Bass


Frank Bradshaw ~ Sound & Lights
Vic Coupez ~ Sound, Recording Engineer

Thanks to PNW Bands, Lightyears was picked up and signed to a small record company, Retrospect Records, that reissues albums from the "80's.    They remastered our original tapes and are now selling the CDs worldwide.  Who would have thought?

Thanks again, this would have probably never happened without you.

Dennis Coile, January 2008

Available at Retrospect

Lightyears - 1982 - Photo courtesy of Den Coile
Lightyears - 1982

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:   The Lipps, Restless, Secondo, Hunter, Rio, Lucky Numbers, Silverload, Worldtime, Everafter, Blue 55, 8 Feet Standing, Racer, The Lipps, "Dan Canyon and The Plainsmen", David Christensen's Salute To Mick Jagger and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  13 January 2009
Credits:  Dennis Coile, Jay Laush
 Band # 1903