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A free resource with comprehensive lessons that can help both beginners and advanced guitar players to improve their playing skills.

The Rick-O-Sound (Rickenbacker) Stereo Signal Split Box

Learn how to play the piano with free tips and tutorials

Kearney Barton Records

Julian Records

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Garage Band Groups

Legendary Northwest Record Labels

Music Scene International

NW Music History Resources

Tom Brady Rock Groups

Trans-World 60's Punk

Artist Direct

People and Bands

Jeff Zuber's Music Website

Edmonton 60s Bands 

Buckeye Beat (Ohio Bands)


 Inactive Bands of Bellingham, WA

60's Garage Bands

The Breaks

Who Played
Tacoma during
1963 / 1964
1965 /1966
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Black Hawk County

Rail & Co.

KJR's Norm Gregory

Bill Coleman's Rock


Cool Steppin' Out Article

Jeff & the RFs



The Brothers Four

David Lanz

Russell Marsland

Brian Newcombe

Mark Woodford

Neil Andersson

The Sunrays

The Unveliebable Uglies

The Mystics Website






Bruce James Orchestra


Don Ober
Classical & Jazz Guitarist | 1922-1979

Jimmie Rodgers

Unsigned & Independent Artists

Northwest Dancehalls


ARMY - Together We Served

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