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A free resource with comprehensive lessons that can help both beginners and advanced guitar players to improve their playing skills.

The Rick-O-Sound (Rickenbacker) Stereo Signal Split Box

Learn how to play the piano with free tips and tutorials

Kearney Barton Records

Julian Records

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Garage Band Groups

Legendary Northwest Record Labels

NW Music History Resources

Tom Brady Rock Groups

Trans-World 60's Punk

Artist Direct

People and Bands

Edmonton 60s Bands 

Buckeye Beat (Ohio Bands)


60's Garage Bands

Who Played
Tacoma during
1963 / 1964
1965 /1966
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Black Hawk County

Rail & Co.

KJR's Norm Gregory

Bill Coleman's Rock


Cool Steppin' Out Article

Jeff & the RFs



The Brothers Four

David Lanz

Russell Marsland

Brian Newcombe

Neil Andersson

The Unveliebable Uglies

The Mystics Website





Bruce James Orchestra


Don Ober
Classical & Jazz Guitarist | 1922-1979


Northwest Dancehalls


ARMY - Together We Served

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