Spokane, Washington
1979 - 1986


Chris Bayman ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Caree Beare ~ Bass
Dan Bresmeister ~ Bass
Alan "Skeeter" Clark ~ Guitar
Dave Dupree ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Kurt David Hansen ~ Bass, Vocals
Gary Hanson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tom Latenser ~ Bass
Kevin Wakefield ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Wakefield ~ Drums, Vocals


Gregg "Wedge" Alexander ~ Sound
Richard "Pudge" Bolin ~ Roadie
Bruce Goza ~ Sound
Rick Hahn ~ Monitors
Jarry Lakamp ~ Road Manager
Chris Martin ~ Sound
Billy Wakefield ~ Crew
Sharon Wakefield ~ Lighting


In Memory of

Richard "Pudge" Bolin
Dan Bresmeister
Kurt David Hansen

I was in Bozeman, Montana in '79-'80.  Lion played there and were touring the NW at that time.

Susan Manning, July 2006

Richard "Pudge" Bolin schlepped gear on our midwest tour in 85 before the band broke up.  Pudge was a friend of mine and the brother of the late great Tommy Bolin.  I can't really remember him doing anything... but he had some great stories, and I will always remember his comment as we were pulling into Chicago in the early winter of '85.  We had just passed a Illinois State lottery sign telling us the jackpot was way into the millions. He came out of the coma he was in, read the sign and said."If I won that, I'd buy this band and fire Wakefield".  Jarry Lakamp and I almost put our 24' truck in the ditch laughing.

Gregg 'Wedge' Alexander, July 2009

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Last Update:  19 June 2010
Credits: Craig Brandt, Jon Rasmussen, Susan Manning, Stephen Allen, Rick Wakefield, Gregg Alexander
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