LIPS - Seattle, WA - Photo Design by Tim Orden - Image courtesy of Tim Kelliher
Seattle, Washington
1980 - 1981


Karen "Dizzy" Breau ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Meredith Brooks ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tim Kelliher ~ Drums
Cyndi "Foxe" Larsen ~ Bass, Vocals
Jeff Nassi ~ Drums

Lips was a short-lived Seattle band most notable for the presence of guitarist Meredith Brooks who in 1989 recorded with "The Graces", and in 1997 scored a hit single "Bitch" as a solo artist.

Tim Kelliher, January 2004

Lips - Photo Courtesy of Jeff Nassi

Meredith Brooks -  Blurring The Edges

Lips - Photo Courtesy of Jeff Nassi
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Kid Chrysler and the Cruisers, Jimmy Wright Band, Orphan Annie, Lee Malone, Orphin Anny, City Zu, Randy Hansen's Machine Gun, Orphin Anny, Neil Rush Band, Brother Love, Blind Date Carmel Watters Band, Sunshine, Razor, Magi and many other NW bands.

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