Little Judas and The Sinners
aka:  The Sinners
Vancouver, British Columbia
About 1965


Ozzie Abbott ~ Organ
Dave Gill ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Chuck Herman ~ Saxophone
Wayne Matthews ~ Drums
Paul McCurdy ~ Saxophone, Bass, Vocals
David Sinclair ~ Guitar, Vocals

Another yet is LITTLE JUDAS AND THE SINNERS from Vancouver in 1965; members included David Sinclair who was also in Sunshyne.

Jamie Anstey, February 2010

"Little Judas & the Sinners" is: David Sinclair, Paul McCurdy with Dave Gill and Wayne Matthews.  They were later joined by Ozzie Abbott and Chuck Herman.

Their name was shortened to 'The Sinners' when prior to one of their first gigs, their school principal refused to let them use the name, considering it sacrilegious. The band recorded four songs at Robin Spurgin's studio in 1965 that will be featured on an upcoming CD on Regenerator Records, called "Vancouver Rocks in the Mid-60's".

David Sinclair, February 2010

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Last Update:  2 February 2010
Credits:  Jamie Anstry, David Sinclair
Band # 2600