Lock n Load
Lake Cowichan/Youbou, British Columbia
2003 - 2004

Jim Cole ~ Bass, Vocals
Paul Milne ~ Drums
Greg ? ~ Guitar, Vocals

Others ?

In Memory of

Paul Milne

Lock n Load was a redneck biker band that played for six months at the beautiful Trails End Pub in Lake Cowichan.  I was the bass player and did some vocals but was really an invited guest in this band during this engagement.  The drummer was Paul Milne and the Lead guitarist and vocalist was Greg ? from Victoria.  People kept us in business for half a year and then Paul decided to hang up his sticks and get hitched.  The pub then went up for sale, ending a real bitchin rock band ... sorry to see it end

The band had some real raunchy talented players from the Lake Cowichan-Youbou area and were a bit of the back-country persuasion that had a huge fan-base with the locals,  We also did some outdoor concerts for the bikers that were intimate and explosive.  I loved playing for them and really regretted the break-up as my overly-loud style of playing went well with my lack of talent.  The bar manager at the Trails End Pub said that in the 5 years that he had been there, mine was the only bass rig that made the eavetroughs on the front of the hotel vibrate.. perfect...you know youre getting good coverage then eh?  Try 2 4x10 cabs facing front and one 15 facing the floor on hockey pucks for bass depth with 1200 watts of stereo Reimer lab amp power.  This was good for small gigs.  Back in the day I had 2 SVT Ampegs jacked into each other with 8 18" JBLs in 4 cabs (see pic of Fox or Rose).  The first time I used it in the Civic Arena the light bulbs were dropping out of the ceiling like rain... but  what a sound!

Jim Cole, December 2006

Paul was tragically killed in an automobile accident on 23 February 2008.  We were just going to fire up Lock n Load again.  He was a great drummer.  I will really miss him.

Jim Cole, February 2008

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include: Rose, Rock Bottom Blues Band, Mighty Joe Young, Royal Tones, Riot Squad, Nightwatch Revue, Screamer, Scats, Fox, The Shades, Shandells, and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  29 February 2008
Credits:  Jim Cole
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