The Loco Brothers - Photo Courtesy of Larry Fisher
Gary Williams,  Pat Henry, Marshall Trover
Larry Fisher
The Loco Brothers
Renton, Washington
1971 - 1972


Larry Fisher ~ Bass, Vocals
Pat Henry ~ Guitar, Vocals
 Marshall Trover ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gary Williams ~ Drums

In Memory of

Pat Henry

After The Sundae Funnies, Marshall and I played in a band later down the road called "The Loco Brothers" with...Larry Fisher and Pat Henry.  We were the house band at ANGELO'S Tavern in Renton, Washington...for almost a year. Great gig!  Fun Band 1971-1972

Gary Williams, August 2006

The Loco Bros. originated from the band “Magic Life”, a four-piece group that played in the strip bars down in Seattle. When the band broke up, two of the members: Pat Henry and Larry Fisher formed the “Ozona Blues Band” which did a few gigs for Burl Bear from KOL, doing one-shot promotions. Then, with the addition of Gary Williams and Marshall Trover from the “Sundae Funnies” the band became “The Loco Bros.”

The Loco Bros. went on to become the house band for about three months at the Lemon Tree Tavern.  They left the Lemon Tree to become the house band at Angelo’s Tavern in Renton, where they were employed for a year or so.   In 1972 the group split up, with the members going on to other bands.

The group was known for it’s wide variety of music and humor, ranging from soft country ballads to very loud Hard Rock.  All four of the members were vocalists in the band, which contributed to its variety. The line-up was: Gary Williams-drums, Larry Fisher-bass, Pat Henry-guitar, Marshall Trover-guitar.

Larry Fisher, September 2006

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Gary Williams, Larry Fisher, Robert Swanson
Band # 2040