John, Chuck, Terry, Jeff
Tacoma, Washington
Summer of 1969


Terry Bailey ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Doten ~ Drums
John English ~ Harp, Vocals
Jeff Morgan ~ Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes Bass

In Memory of Our Friend

Terry Bailey (25 April 1947 - 20 April 2002)
Terry lost his battle with cancer just five days short of his 55th Birthday

LocoMax was a tavern band put together because we were in school and too lazy to have "day gigs" in the summer.  We warmed up doing Musician's Trust Fund Gigs at Fort Lewis, where we actually were tear gassed by some little "puke" one night.  We got a 6-night a week house band gig at Sharon's No-Name Tavern in Everett, initiating the commute from hell for Terry & Jeff.  The band did a mixture of rock and a few lounge tunes, and one original.  Most notable events during the band's lifetime?  Watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon during set-up, and backing up some really drunk chick who climbed on stage and stripped.  The band broke up when school started.

Jeff Morgan, May 2002

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Last Update:  8 May 2002
Credits: Jeff Morgan
Band # 817