The Locomotive
Mercer Island, Washington
1968 - 1969


Pat Clausing ~ Keyboards
Russ Kammerer ~ Drums
Skip Morehouse ~ Keyboards
Bill Stroum ~ Bass
John Ussery ~ Guitar

The groups I played in after The Nomads were The Soul Deacons, and The Locomotive. We signed with MGM Records. But in spite of that, I left The Locomotive for the group Peece.

Pat (Clausing) Hues, September 2007

Our group, Locomotive, was the house band at the Trolly for 6 months or so in the late 60s. The club was one of the hottest in Seattle at the time and a lot of the concert acts playing the big venues would come in and jam after their shows. Robert Plant, John Bonham and John-Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin jammed, Chicago came in, etc. Bonham played his famous bare hands solo while Trolly chicks climbed all over Plant.

I clearly remember a couple of the guys from Vanilla Fudge (Bogert and Appice) jamming because Tim Bogert played my brand new Guild hollow body bass with his shirt off and the next day the finish totally lifted off. You owe me, Tim! I probably had more fun playing this club than any gig since! It was rockin’!

Terry Schmidt also managed Locomotive during that time, but we were snatched away to Los Angeles by MGM Records and a big time manager before we signed any contracts. Of course, we got screwed in L.A. but… live and learn.

Bill Stroum, October 2012

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Last Update:  28 August 2012
Credits:  Darryl Riffero, Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, Pat Hues, Bill Stroum
Band # 323