John Purviance, Dennis Morrow, Bill Bair, Tom Williams and Terry Gardner
London Company
Lewiston, Idaho
1965 - 1967


Billy Bair ~ Guitar, Vocals
Terry Gardner ~ Bass
Dennis Morrow ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Purviance ~ Saxophone, Keyboard, Harp, Vocals
Tom Williams ~ Drums

In Memory of

Dennis Morrow

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Back Together Again in 2010

London Company started in 1965 when members of the Lewiston, Idaho band, The Lounj Men, joined forces with Bill Bair from WJ & The Fantastics.  Both groups had been playing the Lewiston area for a couple of years.

The name London Company was an attempt to convey the music the band loved, British rock and blues.  When the Rolling Stones released their first album, Terry Gardner (bass) brought it to a rehearsal and the bands direction shifted.  For a period of a year or more tunes from the Stones, the Yardbirds, and Kinks became London Companies set list.

London Company was not a cover band, but brought a lot of their own imagination to each song.

In 2003 we lost Dennis Morrow.  His kindness and easy going personality is greatly missed.

Billy Bair, March 2005

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Last Update:  4 December 2010
Credits:  Billy Bair, Tim G. Marsh, Tom Williams
Band # 1693