image courtest of Denise Schroeder
Barney Armstrong's Machine
Seattle, Washington


Barney Armstrong ~ Vocals
Mike Cox ~ Bass
Mike Garland ~ Drums
Walt Johnson ~ Guitar
Carol MacDonnall ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jeff Medgard ~ Keyboards
Pete Sack  ~ Drums
Ron ? ~ ?


Alan Quinn ~ Roadie
Bill Robbins ~ Sound

In Memory of

Mike Cox (1947 -1995)

image courtesy of Denise Schroeder

Mike Cox, Denise Schroeder (contributor) & Barney Armstrong
Denise's 23rd Birthday!  At the Alpine in Everett - 29 September 1976

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Last Update:  20 September 2010
Credits:  Denise Schroeder, Alan Quinn, Bill Robbins, Pete Sack

Band # 1931