Mad Men of Note - Photo Courtesy of John Bingaman
George Lind, Elliot Wakefield, Bob Delgato, Charlie Johnson, Larry Evans
Mad Men of Note
Lake Stevens, Washington
1961 - 1963


Robert Delgado ~ Drums
Kurt Dunphy ~ Guitar
Larry Evans ~ Keyboards
Ray Guyll ~ Saxophone
Charlie Johnson ~ Bass
George Lind ~ Guitar
David Raby ~ Guitar, Organ
Ken Raby ~ Bass
Elliott Wakefield ~ Saxophone, Vibes

In Memory of

David Raby
1944 - 2004

Ray Guyll
d:  2 November 2014

I was one of the founding members in 1961.  So, for the first 6 months or so, it was Ken Raby-Bass  &  David Raby-Guitar (he had the good sense to give up that instrument in favor of the Organ a year or so later).

We were quite active for a new band.  We played Lundeen's and a number of very small clubs.

Elliott Wakefield also played Vibes and was very active in the Everett area for a number of years.  Charlie became a respectable bass player and sounded great on the Mad Men's 1963 single "Club 21."

Ken Raby, September 2003

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Last Update:  5 January 2014
Credits:  John Bingaman, Ken Raby, Barbara Guyll

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