Spokane, Washington
1977 ~ 1995


Craig Brandt ~ Bass, Vocals
David Cebert ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Kevin Dodson ~ Drums, Vocals
Steve Dornbier ~ Guitar
Curtis Graham ~ Percussion, Vocals
Larry Garcia ~ Percussion, Vocals
Joe Harris ~ Guitar
Randy Judge ~ Guitar, Sound
Dan McInery ~ Guitar
Bob Patterson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ron Rodriguez ~ Bass


Jake Dault ~ Lights

There are  2 Madrigal CD's available for purchase.  I'm sure if someone got in contact with me, I could get them a CD.

Craig Brandt

Madrigal was formed in 1977 by Kevin Dodson (18) and Dave Cebert (15) in Spokane Washington.  The band was the brainchild of Kevin who met Dave by receiving a phone call from a band who were "Firing" their Keyboard Player.  Kev went to the band's practice house and heard Deep Purple being played from the basement.  When he got downstairs he saw Dave coping Ian's voice and Lord's organ parts to a tee!  He was immediately hired!

The bands presence was a response to their love of progressive music. They created mostly original music and covered the progressive bands of the time (Genesis, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Yes, Ambrosia and many others). During the early days the band spent many tedious hours in the basement writing music and pondering the Universe before finally hitting the tour circuit.  They appeared on the scene in the Summer of 1977: the very year that Punk Rock stole the stage and pretty much the entire International conciseness!  Prog Rock has always been Rock n' Roll's bastard stepchild and in the late 70's was pretty much the brunt of sneer's and jeers by the rock press and most "hip" people of the time.  So the journey Madrigal found themselves on was an uphill struggle to say the least!

The Band toured the Northwest and parts of Canada for the remainder of the 70's and early 80's.  Many original compositions were lost in the stream of time as they sadly, never recorded an album from this period.  After a brief time of gigging and "explorations" the band finally disbanded in early 1980.  This began a long period of "cover" band work under the new name "UVU" with new membership that ended in the Summer of 1986. This left only Kevin and new guitarist Steve Dornbier to continue on.

In the late 80's the band reformed with almost totally new membership except for Kevin (the only surviving original member) and released two albums on the French label MUSEA that have enjoyed surprising success in Europe, especially since they have never toured in support of either album!  The current Renaissance (no pun intended!) of Prog style bands is playing a part in rekindling interest in the band, who are currently back together writing and rehearsing new material.  For more info on the band go to MUSEA's web site or visit Audiocandy at where you can listen to files from the second CD "On My Hands". You can also contact Kevin at  or Craig Brandt at

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Last Update:  3 March 2010
Credits: Craig Brandt, Jake Dault
Band # 569