1977 Promo Photo Courtesy of Jim Herron
1977 Promo Photo
Seattle, Washington
1976 - 1978


Dave Grundy ~ Bass, Vocals
Jimi Herron ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tim Machak ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Nassi ~ Drums
Chip Parente  ~ Keyboards, Vocals


Micky Akin (Comedian extraordinaire) ~ Lighting Tech
Steve Hanson ~ Sound Tech
Jeff Hill ~ Sound Tech


Robert E. Zimmerman - Goldsmith Productions

Bob managed the Chambers Brothers/Columbia Records and Sugarloaf/United Artist Records early in their careers.  He also managed Painter/Elektra Records from Vancouver, Canada, before managing Magi in Seattle.
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Image Courtesy of Jim Herron

Magi played all the big rock clubs in the area and did some radio shows. They were mentioned in the news and did a big outdoor concert at the space needle stage. They did hard rock covers but had an extensive original music repertoire ...   It's amazing how good they were.  Almost 30 years later, they sound better than most bands now.  Also, there was a Magi fan club.

Dave G, October 2004


Magi played the Northwest club circuit from 1976 to 1978.  They went on several 5 week tours covering most of the rock clubs in the Pacific Northwest:  Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Canada.  Magi played many of Washington State Colleges, headlined 2 large venues at the Seattle Center, and opened the show for major artists on several occasions.  Magi played 4 sets a night, 6 nights a week for weeks on end, drawing crowds to the venues they played.  Magi kept up with the times by playing all of the current FM rock hits with 17 high energy originals mixed into their sets.

The band released two 45 records in Seattle.  The second single, Overnight Sensation on Claridge Records, was recorded at Kaye Smith Studios and had moderate success in the Northwest.

Tim Machak, the lead guitarist was probably one of the top two guitarists in Seattle, second only to Joe Shikany of Bighorn/Shyanne.  The song writing abilities of keyboardist Chip Parente, teamed with Tim's powerful vocals, made up an excellent combination of talent.  Dave Grundy, the bass player, had professional vocal training and was always spot on singing the high harmonies.  Jimi Herron’s strong stage presence and rhythm guitar work helped set the stage for one tight and powerful show band.  Magi’s talented drummer, Jeff Nassi, went on to play with larger acts and still plays professionally today.

Although it doesn't seem like 35 years ago, “I still remember the miles we traveled, and I remember the smiles it brought us.”

Jim Herron, October 2012,  jimiherron @ comcast.net

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Credits:  Dave Grundy,  Jeff HiIl, Jim Herron, Lisa Machak, Jeff Nassi (jeff @ nassi.org)

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