Magical Freeway
Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1969


Joel Johnson ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Danny Brabant ~ Drums
Lloyd Smith ~ Bass
Mike Van Wolvelaere ~ Guitar

Magical Freeway played many college "frat" parties all over Washington State, and "KOL" noonies around Seattle and Bremerton. We were true "weekend warriors", all being in High School at the time. A talent agency called "Entertainment Authorities" kept us jumping and we experienced our "sea legs" to prepare us for the life of a traveling musician.

The most shining memory for me, was when we got our name on the marquee at "The Happening" on Pike & 1st Avenue (Seattle). The clincher was it was in the "big" letters, and top bill, over "The Statics". This was big for me, as I always respected the other group as being more well known.

Joel Johnson, March  2008

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Credits: Joel Johnson
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