The Magnetics
Seattle, Washington
1978 ~ 1982


Tom Berghan ~ Guitar
Jeff Poskin ~ Guitar
Arnie Leinonen ~ Drums
Roger (Rockin Reuben) Wark ~ Vocals
Freda Johnson ~ Vocals
Steve Grindle ~ Bass
Tom Savornich ~ Drums
Rick Hogan ~ Piano
Dan Sullivan ~ Bass
Don (Darnell) Kellman ~ Saxophone
Bob Conole ~ Drums
Al Kaatz ~ Guitar
John Seaburg ~ Bass
Steve Flynn ~ Piano
Greg Keplinger ~ Drums
Paul Diffin ~ Bass

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In Memory of Freda "Ravenna" Johnson
1954 -1996

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Last Update: 15 October 2012
Credits: Tom Berghan, Paul Diffin

Band # 552