The Maniax - Photo Courtesy of Kevin Fawcett
Brian Anderson, Jim Johnston, Kevin Fawcett, Mark Booth, Jim Collins
Seattle, Washington
1986 - 1991


Brian Anderson ~ Vocals
Mark Booth ~ Keyboards, Electric Violin, Vocals
Jim Collins ~ Bass, Vocals
Kevin Fawcett ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim Johnston ~ Drums
Bruce Raabe ~ Drums
Brad Tessen ~ Drums

This was a classic rock cover band that played mostly South end small clubs, where we gained a large local following.  We covered Doobie Brothers, Led Zeppelin, 38 Special, Charlie Daniels Band, Rick Darringer, Beatles, as well as music of the mid to late 80's era like Van Halen,  David Lee Roth, Midnight Oil, R.E.M., etc.

Kevin Fawcett, December 2002

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Bones, The Drive, Anthem, Blue Mountain Eagle and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  9 March 2007
Credits:  Kevin Fawcett
Band # 1115