Mariah - Photo Courtesy of Dave Bray & Kenny WilliamSon
John Owens, Dave Bray, Michael Spotts
Joe Hendershot,  Earnie Paria, Kenny WilliamSon, Ed Taylor
Seattle, Washington


Dave Bray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Joe Hendershot ~Bass, Vocals
Michael Kelly ~ Trumpet
John Owens ~Lead Vocal
Earnie Paria ~ Saxophone
Michael Spotts (aka Mykel Spatz) ~ Hammond B3, Vocals
Ed Taylor ~ Guitar Song Writer, Vocals
Kenny WilliamSon ~ Drums

In Memory of

Michael Spotts
aka:  Mykel Spatz
1942 -  2010

I remember us playing as opener for Bachman Turner Overdrive at the Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, WA,

Later at gig at the Fresh Air Tavern, Seattle, we started playing a Tower of Power song, Soul Vacination. Some of the real Tower of Power band members came into the club while we were playing their song, jumped up on the stage and joined in jammin' with tambourines and vocals.  I had just broken bass drum head and was playing bass drum parts with stick on the floor tom, uncanny, it stayed tight.

I went to Kaye / Smith afterwards to visit and listen to Back To Oakland with no vocal tracks.  What an event!

Kenny WilliamSon, September 2007, January 2009, December 2010

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Last Update:  17 December 2010
Credits:  Kenny WilliamSon, Dave Bray
Band #  2318