Bill G., Ben, Larry, Mike, Rich
The Mark V Band
Albany, Oregon
1963 - 1991


Ken Argo ~ Bass
Ron Bendsnyder ~ Guitar
Brian Bishop ~ Bass
Larry Christensen ~ Bass, Saxophone, Drums, Vocals
Paul Cline ~ Guitar
Bob Coe ~ Vocals
Mike Doran ~ Drums, Vocals
Rob Ford ~ Vocals
Ben Gardner ~ Guitar
Bill Gilmore ~ Keyboards
Lonnie Roth ~ Drums
Bill Yuetse ~ Vocals
Larry Wyatt ~ Guitar

Bob Fisk ~ Road Manager
Jim Reed ~ Assistant Road Manager

Brian, Bob C., Ron, Lonnie, Bill G.

Ben, Lonnie, Mike, Bob F., Ken
We recorded at least 4 records, from 1963 to 1968, and opened at such performances as 1965 Oakland Auditoriun, featuring The Beach Boys, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, T-Bones, Turtles, Ben E. King, Paul Bearer and the Hearseman, etc.  We played many times with the Fabulous Wailers, infact often sharing our gear with them.
Ben Gardner, January 2005

Ben, Mike, Lonnie, Larry, Bob F.

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Last Update: 27 May 2005
Credits: Michael S. Roth, Ben Gardner, Bob Fisk, Lonnie Roth
Band # 1606