Northwest Dance & Music Venues

Marlene's Galaxy
Puyallup, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Charlie & the Tunas
Justyn Case
MerCury Cruisers
Rock n Roll Magic
The Rockodiles
Sparky & the Starfires



The MerCury Cruisers did a few gigs at the Firwood in Fife.  Because of it we played heck for years trying to get Marlene to book us into Marlene's Galaxy in Puyallup.  All she would say was - 'Yea I know of you guys - you played the Firwood".  Finally she relented and we not only booked in there, but we became a regular band for her.

Rich Budinich, June 2008

Two bands I was in played there quite a few times, The Rockodiles and Rock and Roll Magic.

Jack Dolan, June 2008

Marlene’s was a great club, with a large stage & capacity. However, Marlene was quite eccentric; 1st time REDLINE played there, she required a sax player. So, we found one in the audience who hung out there hoping to sit in with the band. I believe he joined us on “Knock on Wood” and “Busy Body”. We became a rotation band there, but we had to allow Marlene’s daughter to sing a number with us each time we played. She had pretty good pipes, but on “Dancin’ in the Street” she did not know how to end the song; so we had to abruptly end finally after numerous choruses.

Mike McElhoe, August 2012

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Credits:  Mike McElhoe, Rich Budinich, Jack Dolan, Mark Baker