Jay Larson, Dan Hannum, Steve Taylor, Steve Fryette, Matt Quilter
Seattle, Washington
1972 - 1973


Steve Fryett ~ Drums
 Dan Hannum ~ Bass
Charlie Irwin ~ Vocals
Jay Larsen ~ Guitar
Matt Quilter ~ Guitar
Steve Taylor ~ Vocals


Scott Farrand  ~ Sound

In Memory of

Steve Taylor

Marlon gigged five or six nights a week at the Pipeline, Owl, District, Camelot, End Zone and Bananas Taverns from August 1972 to  September 1973.

Joyce Hannum, September 2010

Marlon moved to Orange County, California in late 1973.  Members Hannum and Fryett stayed in Seattle and played in local working bands Charlies Fantasy and Starfleet.

Dan Hannum, December 2010

Dan Hannum and Matt Quilter are still active professional musicians in Washington state and Southern California respectively.

Matt Quilter is also a film producer and sports writer in Orange County, CA.

Dan Hannum was currently playing in an offshoot of The Galaxies, known as “The Still Got It Band.”

Steve Fryette is the founder of VHT Amplification.

Steve Taylor passed

Jay Larson has not yet been located.

Dan Hannum, January 2011

Jay Larsen has been found alive and well.

Dan Hannum, February 2012

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Last Update:  21 February 2014
Credits:  Joyce Hannum, Dan Hannum, Steven Fryette
Band # 2784