The Marquis in 1968 - Photo Courtesy of Gary Garraway
The Marquis
Victoria, British Columbia
1967 - 1969
Reformed in 1990


Jerry Adolphe ~ Drums
Gary Garraway ~ Guitar
Len Knoke ~ Guitar
Tom Middleton ~ Vocals
Norm Piercy ~ Bass

The Marquis - Reunited in 1990 - Photo Courtesy of Gary Garraway

The Marquis and the Motifs at Club Tango - Courtesy of Jacques van Gool

From Victoria, B.C. this rock group existed between 1967-69.  The group played up and down Vancouver Island and toured through B.C. and Saskatchewan before disbanding.

Tom Middleton went on to a fairly successful solo career (One Night Lovers, Harbor For My Soul, It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference).

Jerry Adolphe went on to play with Chilliwack and Jim Byrnes.

Len Knoke played for a number of years in the “Brothers Forbes”, the house band at the Forge in Victoria, Norm Piercy played with Uncle Wiggly's Hot Shoes Blues Band.

Gary Garraway went into teaching.

Gary:- "The band got back together in 1990 for a reunion/fundraising dance for my son's soccer team and then performed together for the next two years before retreating back into the "basement". Len, Tom (who now plays a mean keyboard) and myself get together weekly to have fun with music and may even consider playing publicly again (but only for fun) in the near future.  Norm is currently playing in “Out of the Blues” and Jerry continues to work in Vancouver."

Gary Garraway, October 2002

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Credits:  George Klivington, Gary Garraway, Brian Newcombe, Jacques van Gool
Band # 902