Photo courtesy of Dave Nordstrom
Joe Brasch, Jerry DesVoignes, Greg Perry, Dave Nordstrom, Nick Pierone, Greg (Whidley) White and Jeff Stephens.
Marshall Price
Spokane, Washington
1967 - 1977


Joe Brasch ~ Guitar
Jerry DesVoignes ~ Vocals
David Nordstrom ~ Bass
Greg Perry ~ Drums
Nick Pierone ~ Keyboard
Jeff Stephens ~ Keyboard
Greg (Whidley) White ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Dave Nordstrom ~ Bass, Vocals

Photo courtesy of Dave Nordstrom
Dave Nordstrom, Joe Brasch and Greg Perry
Early on in Marshall Price History

One other band I was in "Marshall Price".  It was a seven piece with two keyboardists, two guitars,  bass,  drums, and myself.  We did amazing "Rock Musicals/Theatre combining originals and a slew of others like, Yes, Beatles, Zappa, Turtles with jazz and funk in there also.  Kevin Towhig was our manager and he is still director of the Spokane Opera house (expo 74).   I googled his name a while back wishing to say hello after all these years and hoping he would have pics from then.  We did some nice recordings which he may have.  That was a wild and unique group.

Jerry DesVoignes, August 2008

Jeff Stephens, Dave Norstrom , Greg Perry, Jerry DesVoignes, Joe Brasch

Image Courtesy of Jerry DesVoignes

Dave Nordstrom told me that 'Marshall Price' was the name of a five year old little kid who lived in the neighborhood.

Chuck Burbank, September 2008

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Credits:  Chuck Burbank, Dave Nordstrom, Jerry DesVoignes

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