Marsh Rush & Lyfe - Photo Courtesy of Dean Heathcote
Charlie, Dean, Marsha, Larry
Marsha Rush & Lyfe
Seattle, Washington


Larry Gadler ~ Bass
Marsha Gunst ~ Vocals
Dean Heathcote ~ Drums
Charlie Lewis ~ Guitar

Marsha Gunst, sister of Merrilee Rush formed her Band in 1969 to play the NW rock scene including the famous My Place Tavern. Pictured with Marsha is Charlie Mack – guitar, Dean Heathcote – Drums, and Larry Gadler - Bass
Charlie Lewis performed under the stage name of Charlie Mack, the name taken after one of his early rock mentors, Lonnie Mack.

Charlie Lewis, May 2008

After the Bombs, we put Marsha Rush & Lyfe together.  We chose Lyfe and still choose Lyfe today!

I had my photographer, DeGriff, on Ketron Island (now an instructor at Tacoma Community College), shoot 2 & a quarter for that beautiful picture of Marsha and the band shots (photo credits). DeGriff introduced me to the woman who became my wife and mother of my children!  DeGriff was tending bar back then and told me he was a Psychologist, serving drinks for money, handing out advice for free, and in my naivety,  . . . . . . I actually believed him!

I booked My Place, owned by Chuck McCracken, and we had them lined up clear around the building waiting to get in!

The band later passed, so I got Gerry Roslie and we continued the gig at My Place.  My place was one big open room back then; maximum legal occupancy was about 800, but I’m certain we had well over a thousand a night!

Just to add to the irony of the Aqua Theatre show, it was later my pleasure to perform with Gerry Roslie and the Sonics (2nd generation), later re-named Gerald Roslie & His Funky Little For Peace Five!

Charlie Lewis, May 2008

Marsh Rush - Photo Courtesy of Dean Heathcote

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Credits:  Dean Heathcote, Marsha Gunst Ederer, Charlie Lewis
Last Update:  7 November 2011
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