The Marvelles in 1997
The Marvelles
Tacoma, Washington
1989 - 2002


Original Members

Cindy Daye ~ Vocals 1990-2002
Bob Dale ~ Guitar, Vocals 1990-2002
Thomas Fitzpatrick ~ Drums 1990-1998, 2000-2002
Eric Johns ~ Bass 1990-1991
Phil Matison ~ Saxophone 1990-1993
Karen Mills ~ Vocals 1990-1991
Candy Ruffin ~ Vocals 1990-1991
Jeff Wallace ~ Keyboards, Guitar 1990-1993

Later Members

Darlene Beckley ~ Vocals  1993-1994
Cynthia Bull/Boggs ~ Vocals 1992-2000
Peter Bonow ~ Bass, Vocals 1991-1996, 1998-2000
Diz Carroll ~ Saxophone 1996-1999
Sheryl Clark ~ Saxophone 1994-1998
Jim Cochrane ~ Keyboards 2000-2002
Cliff Colone ~ Saxophone 1999-2002
Dave Croston ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophones, Vocals 1995-2001
Teddy Dorch ~ Saxophone 1997-1999
Dale Drenner ~ Drums 1997-2000
Kevin England ~ Trumpet 1996-2000
Diane Ewing ~ Vocals  2000-2002
  Dave Harkness ~ Bass   2000-2002
Kareem Kandi ~ Saxophone 1999-2002
Jay Mabin ~ Bass  1996-1998
Carolynn McGoon ~ Vocals 1992-1993
Billy Joe McPherson ~ Keyboards, Saxophone 1993
 Rex Nikula ~ Organ, Piano, Keyboards 1993-2000
Sue Orfield ~ Saxophone 1992-1993
Mona Raye ~ Vocals  1992
Roseanne Smith ~ Vocals  2000-2002
Rich Wetzel ~ Trumpet 1996-2002
Fritz Whitney ~ Saxophone 1997-1999
Gaye Winsor ~ Vocals  1994-2000


Chris Coons ~ Sound 1996-2002


It’s Girl Groups!  It’s Motown!  It’s the Marvelles!

Starting with three female vocalists and one saxophone, we eventually got up to five horns.  We played lots of corporate jobs at the big hotels and convention centers, the Swiss, the tides in Gig Harbor, Jazzbones, etc.

We once went through 114 applications (and who knows how many auditions) to get a new singer.  True agony.

This was really a fun band.  We constantly got comments about how much fun we were having on stage, and how that translated to folks having fun on the floor.

Peter Bonow, January 2007


The Marvelles were a girl group/Motown dance band started by Bob Dale, Cindy Dale, and Jeff Wallace. Their inspiration was Laura Nyro’s Album, ‘Gonna Take A Miracle. Over their 12 year run, the band went through many line-up changes. Bob and Cindy Dale were the only ones lasting the entire time.

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include: The Burning Sensations, Funky Robot, Logrythm, Spys, The Econotones, Sensations, Toasters, Type A Band, Larry Hill and Extraordinaire, Tim Hall Band, Coin Operated, The Crackers, The Remnants, The Wailers, Johnny and The Marks, Jumbo Groove, The Skyboys, Dr. Funk, Frank James Band, Robert Casey's Blues Party, Blueport News, Maia Santell & Houseblend, and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  9 November 2009
Credits: Peter Bonow, Allen Lynn, Bob Dale, Rich Wetzel
 Band # 2117