Medd and Shaw - photo courtesy of Dorian Medd
Medd and Shaw
Kelowna, British Columbia
1975 - 1982


Les Dietz ~ Guitar
Craig Fraser ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dorian Medd ~ Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Vocals
Chris Meister ~ Drums
Jim Shand ~ Bass
Bob Shaw ~ Guitar, Bass, Harp, Vocals
Bob Venables ~ Guitar, Vocals

Studio Members

Patric Caird ~ Saxophone
Adam Drake ~ Drums, Percussion
Steven Drake ~ Bass

In Memory of

Jim Shand

Medd & Shaw   Kelowna, B.C.  (Touring British Columbia) Dymaxion Talent Agency  (1975 - 1982)

Members: Dorian Medd   - guitar, piano, mandolin, vocals
                  Bob Shaw      - guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals
                  Jim Shand      - bass
                  Chris Meister  - drums
                  Craig Fraser   - keyboards, vocals
                  Bob Venables - guitar, vocals
                  Les Dietz       - guitar

Recordings: Single 1976 Colly Records    Take Me Back/Oh, What A Gift
                  Single  1979 Riser Records    I Still Love You/Love Is What We've Got
                  Single  1980 Riser Records    Call Me/Dream Up Days
                  Album  1981 Riser Records    Brock & Friends Music Society Presents…..Medd & Shaw
                  Single  1982 Riser Records   You Mean All The World/Movie Love Affair


(Soon to be released in early 2006 CD  I'll Remember You)

(standing) Dorian Medd, Craig Fraser
(seated) Jim Shand, Bob Shaw, Chris Meister

Dorian Medd, Bob Shaw, Jim Shand, Chris Meister

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Last Update:  12 November 2006
Credits: Dorian Medd
Band # 1829