Meddy's People
New Westminster, British Columbia
1967 ~ 1969


Brian Clasby ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Brian Medway ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Laurie Roberts ~ Bass, Vocals
Dale Waddell ~ Drums*
Dave Wilson ~ Drums
* (original drummer)

Fred Medway ~ Manager
Toni Medway ~ Costumes
Peter Medway ~ Roadie, Lights

Brian Medway, Brian Clasby and Laurie Roberts played together in a band in England. They all moved to Canada.  Brian Medway went first and re-formed the band in Canada adding Dale Waddell on Drums.  Later on Dave Wilson took over the role of drummer.  Dave Wilson was with formerly with Paisley Rain (another NorthWest band, and later on drummed with Heart on one album

Ray Medway, September 2001

Before coming from England, Brian Medway played in a band called The Traces.  Laurie Roberts and Brian Clasby played in a band called the Sound Squad. They joined forces in England under the Meddy's People name and then Brian Medway left with his parents who immigrated to Canada.  Brian Clasby and Laurie Roberts came over the Canada in 1967 to join Brian to get the band back together with the addition of Dale Waddell, from Haney, B.C., on drums..

Brian's Father Fred Medway personally managed the band and was their main booking agent, road manager and sound man..

Brains mother Toni Medway, made all of the costumes for the band and cooked up dinner after almost every gig sometimes at 3 am. The band also lived and rehearsed in the Medway family home in New Westminster for those 3 years.

For a period of time Peter Medway cousin to Brian Medway,  set-up, ran the light show and roadied for the band.

All singles were recorded at Vancouver Recording Studios by engineer Robin Spurgin.

They played at many of Vancouver's venues at that time including: Denny's Discotheque, The Cave, Village Bistro, Grouse Nest, The Bayshore Inn, Planetarium they also played at malls, fairs, halls, schools etc..  Radio station CKLG 73 sponsored them at one point.. They played hundreds of gigs over the span of their music career.

Brian Medway later went on to form another North West band in the 70's called "Pegasus" comprised of Brian Medway - Lead Guitar, Orlando Dolinski on Bass Guitar and Joe "Ziggy" Zicardo on Drums. They toured with Rory Gallagher from Ireland at one point.

Ray Medway, 9 September 2001

In 1973 Pegasus opened for Rory Gallagher at the Kinsmen Fieldhouse in Edmonton, the Corral in Calgary as well as a venue in Lethbridge.  They completed their Western tour by opening at the Gardens in Vancouver.  That same year they also opened for Kraftwerk in the Gardens in Vancouver.

Pegasus was a three man band that relied heavily on it's blues/rock roots. They carved a legacy with their dynamic vocals, incredibly tight bass and percussion and searing guitar.  All songs played by Pegasus were written by Brian Medway.

Brian Medway, March 2002

Quality Records
45 - Sha la la la lee/Substitute
45 - Yes I Will Not/Yes It Is
45 - Fantasy World/Mr. Sister

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Last Update:  14 January 2012
Credits: Ed Nadorozny, Ray Medway, Brian Medway, Laurie Roberts, Richard P. Murray

Band # 532