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The Miramar - Image Courtesy of John Arant
Miramar Ballroom
Boise, Idaho

Some of the bands that rocked this place during the early years of NW music were:

The Beau Brummels
Dick Cates and the Chessmen
Fats Domino
Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey
Duke Ellington
Shirley Ellis
Paul Revere and the Raiders
The Statesmen
The Twisters

Built in the 1930"s, the Miramar burned down in about 1963.  It was owned and operated by a couple, Wally and Flora Allington.  They also owned the motel right behind the ballroom.  This was convenient for the bands to stay in (or party after entertaining).  Oh The good ol' days!

Mike Barriatua, October 2002

The Miramar has been gone for 20 years, the victim of a fire.  It was one of the premier ballrooms of the NW and certainly of Boise.  I obtained a large composite picture (approx. 12" x 36") from one of our bouncers who currently owns several nightclubs in Boise.  He had it in his collection. I borrowed it and had it digitally reproduced.

John Arant, December 2003

The Miramar burned on the evening of December 17, 1967.  The Miramar had an apartment on its east side.  I lived in the apartment at the time it burned.

That is a good picture of the Miramar with dad's 59’ Cadillac parked outside my apartment.

I had no idea that John Arant had taken the time to write so much about dad's business, but then again he played in the Miramar every Friday night for several years so it is a definite part of our youth.

I never knew the band members very well because I was a young teenager usually parking cars in the lot for dad on the evenings they played and then cleaning up the ballroom the next day.  I was interested in flying and this was the way I earned my pilot license.  Three dollars an evening and another three cleaning the next day.  Ha!  Then it started all over Saturday night with the older dance crowd.

Wally Allington Jr., January 2011
Retired Delta Air Lines Pilot

The Beau Brummels... having conquered San Francisco, this neo-Mod group rocked the Miramar in 1966 (as I recall) .

Bryan Moore, March 2013

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Credits: Mike Barriatua, John Arant, Doug Bieler, Wally Allington, Jr., Bryan Moore