Mountain Music 2005
at the
Forks Family Festival
Forks, Washington
13-14 August 2005
The music you hear is Billy McPherson on flute and  the musicians at MM2K5.

A reunion of old NW Musicians, their families and friends

13-14 August 2005

Live Music
In the Park
(supplied by us, the musicians of old and new)

Mountain Music - Forks Family Festival  /  Setting up and Sound Checks

Setting up the Backline

Bill Cleland on Sound Board
The Concepts, Crestliners, Dave and the GoodTimes, Diamonds Vocal Band, Fat Chance, Freelance,  Ice Age, The Newmans, Rock n Roll Jones, Vanguards, What's New

Dr. George M. Guilmet, Ph.D.
Brave New World, The Newports, Mr Clean and the Cleansers,
Kris Johnson and John Fischer

George Guilmet, Kris Johnson, Bill Cleland, Bill Dean 


Kris Johnson, Bill Dean, Bill Cleland

Mark Macham - Clearview

Kris Johnson and Kirby Aumick

Kirby Aumick
Earl Allen ~ Drums
Kirby "The Klub" Aumick ~ Guitar
Rich Chapman ~ Guitar
John "The Rock" Fischer ~ Bass
Mark "Schwartzenegger" Macham ~ Drums
Steve Newton ~ Guitar, Vocals
George Guilmet ~ Keyboards
Bill Cleland ~ Bass
Billy McPherson ~ Flute, Saxophone, Guitar
BIll Dean ~ Drums
Kris Johnson ~ Guitar

Juan ~ Sound

Mountain Music 2005 - Forks Family Festival
13-14 August 2005

Initial reports indicate the event went off well and was a lot of fun for all attending.  SInce our Web Slave is now playing Army again, he could not make it himself (darn).  As reports come in they will be posted on this page.  Already there is talk about "Next Year"

The Web Slave

Juan at the Lunch Table



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