Mock Duck
Mock Duck
Vancouver, British Columbia
1967 ~ 1971


Ross Barret ~ Saxophone, Keyboards
Rick Enns ~ Bass
Glen Hendrickson ~ Drums
Joe Mock ~ Guitar
Lee Stephens ~ Bass

Baroka Label:  "Groundhog",  "Do Re Mi",  "Easterdog"
Arthfor 4001D, 1969, Cool Aid Benefit Album:  "Do Re Mi"

I was digging around my old neg files and found a very old set of Joe Mock with one version of his band Mock Duck. The person on the right is Joe. The photo was taken in the heritage house he was living in on West 8th Avenue in Vancouver. This was not the photo used for the promo piece and now I can see why because of the general clutter. The one used was just a close-up of the three. This shot I think represents the ambience of the era and is more interesting historically.  It was taken in 1971 or possibly late 1970.

Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), November 2008

Image courtest of John Hudson

This is an early photo of Mock Duck , the members were Glen Hendrickson, Lee Stephens and Joe Mock.   Lee was later replaced by Rick Enns.  Lee later went on to be a member of The Cement City Cowboys and Fireweed.

John Hudson, December 2013

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Credits: Ed Nadorozny, Roger Stomperud (R.I.P.), Russell Godfrey, Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), John Hudson
Band # 308