The Mods - Image courtesy of Barry Walker
The Mods
John, Ron, Jerry
Des, Dan
The Mods
AKA: Unforscene
Vancouver, British Columbia
1964 - 1969


Des Bosa ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Ron Dyer ~ Drums, Vocals
Jerry Matheson ~ Bass, Vocals
John Murray ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dan Yard ~ Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals

The original members who started the MODS were Ron Dyer and Jerry Matheson.  Dan Yard joined the group shortly after, followed by Des Bosa, and John Murray, who was the lead guitar player for William Tell Overture, was the last to join.

The MODS got a recording contract in LA, and they changed their name and recorded as the UNFORSCENE.  Their single “These Are the Words” made it to #1 on the Canadian charts. This Canadian band had a British flavor with a lot of concentration on full Harmony.

Des Bosa, December 2007

The Mods - Image courtesy of Barry Walker
Ron Dyer, Dan Yard, John Murray, Des Bosa
The UNFORSCENE -  Aboard the old Steam Engine train at Kitsilano Beach

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