Mark, David, Donna, Barbara, Greg, Ron
The Morning After
Richland, Washington
1965 - 1969


Ron Brightman ~ Drums
Barbara Clement ~ Vocals
David Nelson ~ Organ, Guitar
Greg Oberg ~ 12-string Guitar, Vocals
Mark Paulsen ~ Bass
Donna Recker ~ Go Go Dancer

In Memory of

Ron Brightman

The Morning After was a popular Eastern Washington band from 1965 to 1968.

Based out of Richland, Washington they played numerous highschool and community center dances, leaving many memories for those of that era growing up in their community area.

They were remembered mostly for their attractive female singer, Barbara Clement, and their "pint-sized" go-go dancer, Donna Recker.

David Nelson, December 2003

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Last Update: 16 January 2012
Credits:  David Nelson, Jeff Curtis
Band # 1420