Morning After - Portland, OR - Image courtesy of Greg Clayton
Morning After
Portland, Oregon
1973 - 1978


Eric Barnett ~ Guitar, Vocals
Greg Clayton ~ Bass, Vocals
Ron Kiefel ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Larry Owen ~ Drums, Vocals
Doug Rowell ~ Guitar, Vocals


Tom "The Dirty Boogier" Kirk
Walter Van Rheen

In Memory of

Ron Kiefel
d:  5 November 2010

Image Courtesy of Bob Stull (

Morning After did a combination of originals and cover music.  They had a unique two-guitar harmony sound with great fills from keyboards.  They played throughout the Northwest college and club scene.  They opened for such acts as BB King Nils Lofgren, Sons of Chaplin, The Baby's and Sugarloaf.  They had a great run through the 1970's

Greg Clayton, March 2006

I was the guitarist for the Portland band Morning After from 1974 to 1978. I ended up in a version of the Iron butterfly.

Eric Barnett, April 2007

I played guitar with Morning After and was the guitarist for the last “version” of Airborne.

Doug Rowell, October 2008

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Credits:  Greg Clayton, Eric Barnett, Doug Rowell, Dick Schalk, Bob Stull
Band # 1838