Mother Hubberd's Wonderland Band - Photo by Jon Pollard, provided courtesy of Kevin Violette and Pierce Christie,
Mother Hubbard's Wonderland Band
Astoria, Oregon
1970 - 1974


Todd Brinkhurst ~ Keyboards
Peter Christie ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Pierce Christie ~ Drums
Peter Huhtala ~ Guitar
Bob Mackey ~ Guitar
Dave Neikes ~ Vocals
Joe Patenaude ~ Guitar, Vocals
Peter Strandjord ~ Keyboards

Mark Ness ~ Roadie, Sound, Lights

In Memory of

Bob Mackey

Peter Christie started the band, played bass and guitar, his brother Pierce Christie played drums. David Nikka sang lead vocals. Pierce and David still live in the Astoria area, as well as the last guitar player we had, Joey Padinaw.  We had one earlier guitar player who was really talented, but I can't remember his name right now.

I played a Farfisa organ at first, then switched to a Fender Rhodes, as I'm really a classically trained pianist. Peter Christie still plays with his wife in the Eugene area, playing mostly country, and also does some Elvis impersonation (quite well).

After I left the band (summer '73) I went to the University of Oregon to study piano, and later switched to music education. Now I am teaching vocal music at Creswell High School and Middle School. I have taught music in Oregon, Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii.

Mother Hubbard's played rock, blues, and a tiny bit of country.  In 1972 when Pierce and I graduated from Astoria High School, the whole band moved into a farm house on one of the loop roads outside of Astoria.  Along with the band our roady/sound tech/lighting tech/devotee, Mark Ness and his wife Susan moved into this red house.

We were happy hippies all. Some of us took classes the next school year at Clatsop Community College. I left to go to the U. of O. the next school year, and the band was still functioning at that point (so the band was about 2 years old then). I am not sure when it all ended after that.

Peter Strandjord, April 2007

Mother Hubbard's reunited in 1976 as Mother Hubbard's Beefsteak Mine.

 Eric Swedberg, May 2007

The above photo with the lead singer profiling the camera is at Mother Hubbard's Wonderland Band's first paying gig.  It was an after game dance sponsored by the Library Club at Astoria High School probably about 1970 or '71.

David Neikes is the man with the microphone and our lead singer in those seminal salad days. David had and still has quite a set of lungs. David Neikes is a building contractor, lives in Astoria and enjoys playing guitar, bass and belting out some soulful rockin' blues.

The bushy haired bass player is my brother Peter Christie. He is playing an old Decca bass through some home made speaker cabinets powered by a Bogen amplifier.  Peter and his wife live in Springfield, Oregon and play quite frequently around that area.

Bob Mackey is the guitar player here picking his nose instead of the Epiphone guitar.  Bob was a great guy.  He was our 'Brian Jones'  always coming  up with super groovy songs to learn.  I am pretty sure he was using a Bogen amp too. Unfortunately Bob passed away in the early mid 1990's. He was living in Portland at the time.

You can see part of my drum set here, an inexpensive Pearl set. I live in Sandpoint Idaho and have a Music store there.  I get back to Astoria  frequently.

We had a good turnout for this dance.  The AHS Library club was quite pleased to pay us our $25. Classmate Jon Pollard was the photographer.

The picture of the painting was done by Sharon (Roni) Johnson who was an artist from Seaside.  She painted it from a photographic impression taken by Margret Thierry outside the infamous "Red House" our hippy commune band house on Lewis & Clark Road near Astoria.  By then we had some personnel changes,  the line up here is left to right Pierce Christie-drums, Joey Patnaude-guitar & vocals, Todd Brinkhurst, keyboard and Peter Christie-bass & vocals.

Peter Huhtala played with us at our first talent show and we made the speaker cabinets in his basement.  He has a website at  He is a very smart guy who has done all manner of interesting things including music.

Pierce Christie, May 2007

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Credits:   Peter Strandjord, Helen Hansen, Eric Swedberg, Pierce Chritie, Jon Polland (photo), Kevin Violette
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