John Gaborit, Dick Powell, Ted Vanderford, Bob Smith, Ginny Lee, Chuck Curry.
Photo taken prior to a gig in Klamath Falls, OR. 1963

The Mystics
Seattle, Washington
1962 ~ 1965


Jim "J.D." Boggs ~ Bass
Chuck Curry ~ Drums
John Gaborit ~ Guitar
Miss Ginny Lee (Virginia Howell) ~ Vocals
Dan L. Munger ~ Bass
Dick Powell ~ Vocals
Scott Schneider ~ Drums
Bob Smith ~ Bass
Ted Vanderford ~ Saxophone

In Memory of

Dan Munger
Died in an automobile accident 3 October 1963
Scott Schneider
Jim "J.D." Boggs
Chuck Curry

What a surprise after 30 years out of state to find this great website.  It has been a thrill to turn back time and remember all the great bands.

I played for the Mystics in 1962-63.  It was the highlight of my youth, especially when we played the Castle.  We cut a record at Nolta Records in Seattle, both sides were written by Dan Munger.  Unfortunately he never heard them as he and his girlfriend, Mary Ellen Baker were killed in an automobile accident on the way home from playing at a high school dance. The record was dedicated to them, with Dan on one side and Fox on the other.

Chuck Curry, January 2006

As you can see the actual address of the band was Seattle, WA on the picture.  The band later changed its name to Lord Invader and the Penetrators.

I was going thru tapes and found 3 songs that were recorded on real to real at a dance in Bellevue, WA at Lake Hills.

I was with the Band until we ended it.  I was with the Exotics previous to that.

Ted Vanderford, June 2008 

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25 June 2014
Credits: Darryl Riffero, Bill Majkut, Miss Ginny Lee (Howell), Tom Dietz, John Gaborit, Chuck Curry, Ted Vanderford, Ann Curry Mosqueda
Band # 112