Nashband - Photo courtesy of Richie Blue
AKA: No Dogs Allowed
Ellensburg, Washington


Rich Blue ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ted Grover ~ Drums
Randy Hiner ~ Bass, Vocals
Pat "Red Dog" Martin ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Greg Pugh ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tom Stinson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Thorpe ~ Drums, Vocals
Gary Williams ~ Drums


Bill Schairers ~ Sound and Lights

In Memory of

Tom Stinson
d:  August 2011

Randy, Pat, Mike and Tom - Courtesy of Mike Thorpe

The Nashband played all over Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia.  Most of the members are still playing regularly

Richie Blue, December 2005

Tom Stinson owned the Nash Rambler the band was so appropriately named after.

Marie McKean, September 2006

Early Photo of Nashband - Courtesy of Mike Thorpe

Nashband - Courtesy of Mike Thorpe

Nashband started practicing in an Ellensburg garage loft in 1968 at Tom Stinson's house.  It was Tom, Randy, Rich and I playing for the love of it.

We soon attracted a following and were eventually busted one night by the local Sheriff for minor consumption.  There were 40 people in the loft at our rehearsal/party.  Things had changed!

We then started playing to High School kids at grange halls during the early 70’s for cover charge.  We did good at first because there was no interference from the authorities.  Eventually we had to hire off duty cops or they wouldn't rent us the halls.  That pretty much curtailed the boozing that went on.  It became harder to make a buck.  During that time we also did a lot of wedding receptions and private parties.

We began playing in the bars around 1975 when we were old enough to drink legally in Washington.  Shortly thereafter with the addition of Pat Martin on guitar we hired the GMA and Fredie Sounds booking agents to find us work in the northwestern US and Canada as a Rock Band.  We would leave Ellensburg for 2 months at a time playing 6 nighters from Havre, Montana to Merritt,  BC and south to Rawlings, Wyoming.  There were several working bands from E-burg in those days such as Lucky Pierre, and Appaloosa.  We wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Rich is still active in the Bay area and I play with old high school buddies as often as I can in the Pacific Islands near Guam.

Still playing,

Mike Thorpe, December 2008

The Nashband in the 70s and 80s offered a case of beer for the 'naked gator' every night they played and paid off only once that I can remember.  It was in Libby, Montana at GOOD TIME CHARLIES.  The girl just dropped her top and scooted around on the floor for a bit.  She was very 'talented' so we awarded the case of beer on the condition we get to drink it with her!  Her boy friend was not impressed but liked the band so he drank with us.

Also in Libby we played at the LOG CABIN TAVERN.  In fact we were the last band to ever play there because it burned to the ground after hours on a Saturday night.  Luckily we had already packed up the equipment and in the morning we headed to the POST TAVERN in Missoula, Montana to play an audition for a GMA Music agent.

I remember Rich Blue had a rare Gibson reverse firebird guitar that slid off the front of my base drum during a break that night and shattered the tuning head.

Bill Schairers was our Sound and Light man in those days and deserves much credit for always helping and putting up with all the BS.

The picture is of Rich Blue approximately when I met him.  He was about 15 and very fluid on guitar leads.  Thanks to all who made it happen,

Michael Thorpe, January 2009

Randy, Rich and Mike in 2005  - Courtesy of Mike Thorpe

Rich Blue -Courtesy of Mike Thorpe

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Credits: Richie Blue, Marie McKean, Michael Thorpe
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