The National Liberation Front
Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1970


Dave Brewer ~ Guitar
John Gans ~ Drums
Art Petersen ~ Guitar, Drums
Palmer Peterson ~ Harp

National Liberation Front

Pre-National Liberation Front:

Azalea Way” came together in the mid-1960's as three of us, Bob, Jim, and I (Art Petersen) defected from a surf band to explore music from local rockers The Sonics and Wailers, British bands-the Yardbirds, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, the Beatles, Traffic, Cream, and psychedelic bands emerging on the left coast-Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, and Country Joe and the Fish.

Brad Spear, a friend and talented flute player, helped us with sound and recording our band.  (Brad, do you still have those tapes ?!)   We also had a folkie duo featuring Brad on flute and myself on 12-string guitar playing some Erik Satie and a few of my early songs.

National Liberation Front forms:

“Azalea Way” eventually  morphed into "The National Liberation Front", a blues/rock jam band active from 1968-1970 with a revolving cast of musicians that included John Gans on drums, Palmer Pederson on harmonica, Dave Brewer on guitar, and myself on electric guitar and drums.

There were lots of talented musicians in our circle of friends that played in bands or occasionally jammed together including, Oren Sreebny on electric bass, Max Schwennsen on guitar, Phil Kirby guitarist from “Easy Chair”, and keyboard genius Stu Goldberg who later went on to play with John McLaughlin and other greats.  As far as I know, Stu is the only one who went on to make a living playing and recording music as a primary profession.

I still play and record for personal enjoyment and occasionally work as a roadie for my daughter’s band, “Your Heart Breaks” who is out on the road and in the recording studio making great music... I’m totally envious !

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Art Petersen, January 2007

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Credits: Art Petersen
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