New Dawn at Reno, 1971, from the New Dawn Website
Dan, Bobby, Gart (Bill G.), Joe Larry
The New Dawn
Salem, Oregon
1966 ~ Present


Dan Bazzy ~ Drums
Daniel Bazzy ~ Guitar, Vocals
Larry Davis ~ Keyboards
Bill Gartner ~
Jim Dent ~
Danny Ellis ~ Bass
Bob Green ~ Vocals
Russ Hosley ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Howard ~ Keyboards
Bobby Justen ~ Bass
Beaver Kilstadius ~
Karen Purdom ~ Bass, Vocals
Al Robertson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Shelbourn ~
Joe Smith ~ Guitar
Vic Smith ~

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In Memory of

Bill Gartner
Bobby Justen

The group got off of the road in 1971 and settled in the Grand Ronde area, about 35 miles west of Salem. We played clubs up until 1995.

Sadly, Bobby Justen, our bass player, passed away in 1998.  Larry Davis was our keyboard man.

Our album, "There's a New Dawn", was released locally in 1970. It only received some radio play in Oregon and a few places is Washington. Yet, it somehow found its way to Europe and is offered on about 29 web sites worldwide in CD or vinyl. The original album has become a collector item and is valued at $400.00 + . Figures. I gave all my copies away years ago. I am currently working on a second New Dawn album from material I wrote back in the early 70's that would have went on our second album had we stayed on the road.

When they opened the rock museum up in Seattle (EMP) a few years ago, they sent a rep down to our area looking for an album. He found and bought one and it is in the museum. Cool, huh? Take care and keep up the good work.

Dan Bazzy, July 2005

A re-issue New Dawn CD is being offered by Jackpot Records in Portland.

We played in clubs until 1995, now we only do concerts. We played a concert in Portland in September of 2009 and opened for a group called The Remains from
Boston. They opened for the Beatles on their last American tour in 1966.

Near the end of 1970, Larry Davis retired from the group and was replaced on keyboards by Steve Howard from Yakima, Washington. After the group came off of
the road, Steve returned to Yakima and started his own group and played out on the road for another 10 years. He then came off the road and started an apple orchard near Yakima.

Dan Bazzy, May 2010

In 1966, Joe Smith and Larry Davis got together and started playing at party's. By the first part of 1967, Bob Justen and Dan Bazzy had joined the group and The New Dawn was born. For the next two years, the band played at party's, dances and local bars. In 1969, the group quit their day jobs and signed with a booking agent. They added a fifth member, Bob Green, to front the group and share the lead vocal load with the drummer and lead singer, Dan Bazzy, and went on the road. They played in clubs in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Alaska. In 1970, Bob Green was replaced by Bill Gartner, and the group recorded and released their first album "There's a New Dawn". By the end of 1971, all the members in the group were married, and a few of the wifes started having babies. Along with the babies came the desire to settle down and start roots. So, the group came off of the road, got "normal" jobs, and settled in to playing in local clubs on weekends.

Over the years, most of the original members retired from the group and were replaced by other local musicians.

Bill Gartner moved back to his native Chicago and started a group called Isaiah 53. He taught creative writting and literature at local college's in the Chicago area for a number of years. Today, he is employed by a large corporation as a software engineer.

Bob Justen returned to driving truck, and sadly, passed away in 1998.

Larry Davis went back to work for the phone company and moved to eastern Oregon. He retired from the phone company and still lives in eastern Oregon.

Joe Smith started his own fabrication and welding shop and is still at it, building and welding projects for local companies.

Dan Bazzy returned to driving a log truck and is the only original member left in the group.

Russ Hosley joined the group in 1987 as the lead guitar player and vocalist.

Karen Purdom joined the group in 1994 as the bass player and vocalist. Both are still with the group.

Others who were with the group briefly over the years include Vic Smith, Beaver Kilstadius, Jim Dent, Jimmy Shelbourn, and Danny Ellis

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