New Space Band - Image courtesy of Yvonne Youne
Henry Young, Barry Collins
Doug Cuthbert, Rosalind Keene, Michael Kalanj

The New Space Band
Vancouver, British Columbia
1971 - 1973


Barry Collins ~ Vocals
Doug Cuthbert ~ Drums
Michael Kalanj ~ Keyboards
Rosalind Keene ~ Vocals
Henry Young ~ Guitar

Henry Young, Larry Volen, Doug Cuthbert, and Michael Kalanj are still all fulltime freelance musicians.  Barry Collins and Rosalind Keene still perform occasionally

The Space Band was originally "instrumental" only.  However, they added vocalists....thus the term "new".  They played from 1971 - 1973.

After not playing together all these years, they had what you might call a "reunion" a couple of weeks ago.  They had played a private wedding 35 years ago... and the client was getting married for the second time and wanted the same band to play.  They sounded every bit as good as they did 35 years ago!

Yvonne Young, September 2008

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Last Update:  22 February 2011
Credits:   Yvonne Young
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