Nico Wind
AKA:  Nico Wind & Fyer
AKA:  Nico Wind & The Barbarians
AKA:  The Nico Wind Band
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
1970's - 2001


Billy Bertman ~ Lead Guitar
Paul Blankenship ~ Drums
Bruce Dunlap ~ Bass, Vocals
Jamie Eagan ~ ?
Paul Fessenden ~ Saxophone
Dennis Glen ~ Bass
Stan Ike ~ Guitar
Gene Laukonnen ~ Saxophone
Rick Metz ~ Saxophone
Dave Reeves ~ Drums
Sheri Tripp ~ Backing Vocals
Nico Wind ~ Guitar, Vocals
Courtney Wren ~ Guitar
Jimbo ? ~ Keyboards

Others ?

Nico’s band had a few names Nico Wind & Fyer, Nico Wind & the Barbarians, and ended up being just Nico Wind, they were a Far West Entertainment band in Seattle

The first entity of the Nico Wind band was made up of Nico Wind, Billy Bertman, Dennis Glen, and Paul Blankenship.

Nico Wind, August 2006

Nico Wind - 1980

Nico is from Portland Oregon and has a rich history here in her home town but in 1980 moved to Seattle to stretch her wings and ended up hitting the road hard core for more than 20 years. 

Nico also was part of the 1981 Ray Charles tour as a solo opening act, She opened for BB King, Beau Kelly, and then leading her 8 to 13 piece bands she opened for Roger Fisher band, Rail, Joan Jet, Ronnie Lee, headlining with the Coasters, Sam Butera, Society of 7, and many other national and semi national groups with the diversity of no other in her time. 

From hard rock to back porch blues and soul Nico was able to do it all. 

Nico Wind, September 2006

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Last Update:  25 July 2011
Credits: Nico Wind, Rick Metz

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