The Nighthawks - Photo Courtesy of Bruce Partridge
AKA:  Crayhawks, Double Trouble
Eugene, Oregon
1974 - 1977


Jim Cochran ~ Guitar
Ritch Kesey ~ Bass
Dave "Thor" Olson ~ Drums
Curt Salgado ~ Harp, Vocals
Frank Spiecker ~ Guitar
Dave "D.K." Stewart ~ Piano, Vocals

(as The Crayhawks)

Richard Cousins ~ Bass
Robert Cray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave "Thor" Olson ~ Drums
Curt Salgado ~ Harp, Vocals
Dave "D.K." Stewart ~ Piano, Vocals

The prime lineup for the Nighthawks would have been:

    Curt Salgado--Harp and Vocals
    Dave Stewart--Piano and Vocals
    Ritch Kesey)--bass
    Frank Spiecker--guitar
    Jim Cochran--guitar
    Dave (Thor) Olson--drums.

Their run was about '74 to '77. They were a s$#* hot outfit of equal parts of finesse and fiery energy.  On a good night nobody could touch them. Besides playing twin bills as Double Trouble, they had gigs as the Crayhawks with Cray, Richard Cousins, DK Stewart, Curt Salgado and Dave Olson on drums.

Salgado befriended John Belushi while Curt was still in the Nighthawks (and Belushi was in Eugene filming "Animal House") and turned him onto blues and R& B.  This was the inspiration for the Blues Brothers which had its start as a skit on SNL.

Besides Salgado, both Stewart and Dave Olson would  go on to play in later line-ups of the Robert Cray Band. Stewart would also play in the Paul DeLay Band for a spell before launching a successful regional career.

Bruce Partridge, April 2007

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