From top clockwise: Alan Coan, Steve Farmer, Donn Tarris, Jim Pruden, Henry Lowe
Vancouver, British Columbia
1968 - 1974


Bob Arnold ~ Guitar, Manager
Bill Ayres ~ Drums, Vocals
Alan Coan ~ Keyboards
Orlando Delinski ~ Bass
Steve Edwards ~ Drums
Steve Farmer ~ Drums, Vocals
Doug Fitch ~ Bass
Randy Halverson ~ Vocals
Doug Hardy ~ Guitar, Vocals
Henry Lowe ~ Saxophone, Flute
Tom Nishimura ~ Saxophone
Doug Philpot ~ Drums
Jack Plosser ~ Drums
Jim Pruden ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ron Pruden ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ralph Pruden ~ Bass
Kathleen Stringer ~ Vocals
Donn Tarris ~ Bass, Vocals
Bruce Williamson ~ Drums

Nightwatch was formed by the Pruden Brothers in 1968. They started out as a folk band playing in smokey coffee houses. The band later evolved into a rock and roll band playing covers of classic rock (Chuck Berry, Beatles, Rolling Stones etc.) and performed a number of original tunes.

We played casual gigs around the Vancouver area, and were regular performers at Whistler Mountain long before it was a Olympic site.

Alan Coan and Jim Pruden, July 2003

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Last Update: 10 June 2015
Credits: Alan Coan, Jim Pruden, Steve Farmer
Band # 1294