Nitemates Group photo courtesy of Doug Bryan and Mike McElhoe
Nitemates - The whole group - 2006
Seattle, Washington
1962 - Present



Doug Bryan ~ Trumpet, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Tim Coleman ~ Guitar, Bass
Chris Gross ~ Guitar, Vocals
Marc Gross ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Bob Hamer ~ Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals
Rich Lohrman ~ Congas, Percussion
Mike McElhoe ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ric Seymour ~ Drums, Percussion


Jim Brinson ~ Vocals, Trumpet
Gary Carconen ~ Guitar
Mike Hogan ~ Drums
Jim Itter ~ Keyboard, Vocals
Dick Meyer ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Judy Seymour ~ #1 Fan

Nitemates Band photo courtesy of Doug Bryan and Mike McElhoe
Nitemates - The Band - 2006
 Rich L., Dick S. Marc G. Mike M. Doug B. Bob H. Tim C. Dick M.

Nitemates - Seattle - Photo Courtesy of Mike McElhoe

We played the Frat Parties at the University of Washington and high school dances.  Our bass player bought his first amplifier from the bass player of Tiny Tony and the Statics.   Ahhhh, the good old days!

Bob Hamer, June 2002

Nitemates at Seattle Sea Fair Hydro Party in 1985.  Pictured left to right are Mike, Marc, Bob, Dick S., and Chris. The dancers are Mike's niece Lindsay and daughter Sarah.
Photo courtesy of Christopher Gross and Mike McElhoe


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Last Update:  4 June 2013
Credits:  Bob Hamer,  Mike McElhoe, Tim Coleman

Band # 874