Nite Sounds
Seattle, Washington


Paul Goldsmith ~ Guitar
John Keski ~ Bass
Bill Leyritz  ~ Drums
Luther Rabb ~ Bass
Michael Riccetti ~ Keyboards

In Memory of

Bill Leyritz
Luther Rabb


 Seafire 112 - On Broadway/Get Clean Nitesounds 1965

One of the best bands in the 60's was the Nite Sounds with I believe Luther Raab and Paul Goldsmith.  This band was like the house band at the Tolo House in downtown Seattle

Tim Coleman, November 2003

The Nite Sounds band of 1960 - Michael Riccetti    I was the originator and named the band as well.  I played keyboards. Graduated from Cleveland High School in 1960.

Michael Riccetti, February 2005

The drummer was my brother, Bill Leyritz.  I sold Paul Goldsmith his first guitar in 1958.  They were a good band.  I always thought they could make it big.

Gary Leyritz,  Renton, Wa., January 2006

The below are links to some songs I recently recorded on a voice digital recorder and played when I was in the Nite Sounds.

John Riccettim August 2010

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Louie Louie


What'd I Say

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Last Update:  21 September 2010
Credits: Tim Coleman, Harry Wilson, Michael Riccetti, Gary Leyritz, Richard Evans, John Riccetti
Band # 1383