Burda, Nance, Huxsol's hands and Smith
No. 9
Boise, Idaho


Bruce Burda ~ Bass
John Huxsol ~ Drums
Patrick Nance ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Hugh Smith ~ Lead Guitar

Hugh Smith and Patrick Nance, a senior and sophomore respectively at Captial High School in Boise, Idaho joined forces with Bruce Burda and John Huxsol of Boise High School to form the short lived band, No. 9.  The band's name was a tribute to the Beatles track from the album "The Beatles" (often called The White Album).  The band was short lived but John Husxol went on as drummer for several other local bands in Boise.

Venues played were:  Boise Museum of Art, Fall 1969, and Capital High School Cafeteria, after basketball game dance - Fall, 1969

Patrick Nance, October 2011, Tehachapi, CA

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Last Update:   30 October 2011
Credits: Patrick Nance
Band # 2938