Photo Courtesy of Steve Aliment
Glen Eagleson, Bill Cameron, Steve Aliment, Bart Hyde
No Cheese Please
Tacoma, Washington
1978 - 1983


Steve Aliment ~ Bass, Vocals
Bill Cameron ~ Drums
Glen Eagleson ~ Guitar
Bart Hyde ~ Guitar

Steve Barone ~ Guitar
Tommy Gavosto ~ Guitar
Pat Hewitt ~ Guitar

No Cheese Please was a fun rockin' band in Tacoma and later in Seattle in the late 70's early 80's.  Members were Steve, Bill , Bart and others

Jami Moffett, March 2008

I was a friend of the band.  The drummer was Bill Cameron.  Glen Eagleson played guitar and Steve Aliment played bass and sang.  Steve later became a member of a San Francisco band, The Yanks.  Bill and Bart played together in a band called Beat Hotel.

Glen was injured in a car accident in 1982 and Pat Hewitt of the Pins replaced him.

Tracy Bennett, March 2008

No Cheese Please started in Renton about 1978 - 1979.

After Glenn was in the accident, Pat Hewitt was in the band for a little while, also at the same time he was in the Pins.  I took over Pats position when he left. I was in the band with Bill Cameron, Steve Aliment, and Bart Hyde, for the remaining year.

I believe the band broke up around 1982 -1983.  The last show we played was in Seattle in a place in the University District called the Hall Of Fame.  It was quite a night. Steve moved to San Francisco to join Yanks.  That left us without a lead singer and Bass player.

We wanted to keep playing so we got this bass player that was in a group called The Executives.  His name was Greg Silage. This group became Beat Hotel.

Tommy Gavosto, February 2010

No Cheese Please started at the University of Puget Sound around 1976.  The founders were Peter Todd and Bill Cameron, both UPS students.  Steve Aliment, also a UPS student, was later recruited to play bass and Bill's boyhood friend, Portland native, Bart Hyde joined as the other guitarist.  Pete left the band...musical differences...and Steve took over on vocals.  The band became a trio and stayed that way for a long time.

No Cheese Please developed musically by playing four hours a night, four days a week in a dive Navy bar in Bremerton called The Bull and Bash.  They also played a lot of collage fraternity parties. They added Keith Gilbert in 1979 but that was short lived and he sadly committed suicide by jumping off the Aurora Bridge in Seattle.  Steve Barone replaced him and Steve was soon replaced by Tacoma's Glen Eagleson.  The addition of Glen was a turning point and with him, the band found the right chemistry and its popularity grew.

The band moved to Seattle and became a fairly successful Seattle-Tacoma club band, although Glen remained a Tacoma resident.

One night, after a show in Seattle, Glen had a bad car accident driving home to Tacoma.  The band was really never the same.   Pat Hewitt, producer of the band's EP No Cheese Please, filled in on guitar for a few months during Glen's rehab.  Glen came back but was replaced by Tommy Gavosto. Glen's contribution was missed.

No Cheese Please broke up in the Spring of 1983.

Steven R. Aliment, September 2010

Image Courtesy of Kelly Lake

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