The Nomads
Bellevue, Washington
1961 - 1964


Chuck Curry ~ Drums
Jim DeCocq ~ Guitar
Tom Dietz  ~ Bass
Pat Pricer ~ Guitar
Scott Schneider ~ Drums
Tim Stidham ~ Vocals
Steve Stroud  ~ Tenor Saxophone
Jim Walters ~ Trumpet
Robert X. Wolf ~ Drums, Vocals
Jim Wolfe ~ Organ

Guest Vocalists

Woodrow Wilson "Woody Carr" Mosley ~ Vocals
Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Scott Schneider
Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith
Chuck Curry

In 1961 four students at Sammamish High School in Bellevue had a band named The Nomads.  The band played dances all over the Greater Seattle Area until 1964. These were mostly high school dances.  Most of the early Rock and Dance music of the era was instrumental.  When a singer was required for a job, the band would hire Tiny Tony or Woody Carr for an hours worth of work.  Tony and Woody were always happy to freelance and were usually available on short notice. No rehearsal was required when these guys were hired as they each had their individual song list consisting of standard stuff that all the players were familiar with.

There was a bit of a controversy with the name of the band since there was another Nomads based in Burien.  There was a resolution to the name issue when the Burien based Nomads decided to market themselves as Roman Williams and the Nomads.  Several of the players of the Bellevue outfit also were involved with Audio Recording on 5th Ave. and Kearney Barton as studio musicians for demo records.  The studio work was mostly for songwriters that wanted temporary acetate recordings of their music.  Kearney Barton would cut the acetate at his studio after the recording session and send his client home with their record.  At the time Union Scale for a recording session was $60.00 per hour.

Tom Dietz, March 2003

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Last Update: 25 June 2014
Credits:  Tom Dietz, Bob Wolf, Ann Curry Mosqueda
Band # 1156