Norm Jones Band
Vancouver, British Columbia


Lorne Burns ~ Drums
Rick Dunn ~ Guitar, Steel
Norm Jones ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Leather ~ Guitar
Jim Ryan ~ Bass, Vocals
Joel Sacks ~ Bass
Dan Smith ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ron 'Radar' Stelting ~ Drums, Vocals

My players in this band, after trying to come up with a name said that I should just call it the Norm Jones Band, 'cause no matter what we come up with that's what we're always known as. They were happy with that, so that is what it became. I had a few different players in the band.  For a time Danny Smith, formerly of the Vancouver band 6 Cylinder,  played lead for me. For about three years tho' my band was easily the hottest band in the country rock circuit throughout Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Blaine and Sumas.

On lead guitar, was Rick Leather, (originally from Toronto).  On steel and lead, was Rick Dunn, (originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina); on bass was Joel Sacks, (from Montreal); and on drums, Lorne Burns, (from Outlook, Saskatchewan, and also from 6 cylinder).  All five of us sang, and oddly enough, not one man in the band smoked.  In 1987, we opened the very popular club in Coquitlam (Boone County)

Our band was similar to the "BAND", because there were four Canadians and one American.

Norm Jones, January 2006, April 2007

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:   6 Cylinder, Sweet DickThe Pannix, The Dan Bissonette Band, and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  24 April 2007
Credits:  Norm Jones, Dan Bissonette, Dan Smith
 Band # 2008